středa 28. dubna 2010

Crisopa - Last Membrane

Crisopa - Last Membrane

Label: escala
Released: April 2010
Style: Downtempo, Ambient

Crisopa is the personal project of Santi Lizón, Madrid unhabitant. It is some sort of mellodic electronica with the pretension of prompting therpaeutic trips towards impossible landscapes.

01 Last Membrane
02 Dancing Curtains
03 Titanium Tears
04 Escalera de Color
05 Matching
06 Slaski Rays


Various Artists - Bohemian EP

Various Artists - Bohemian EP

Label: sologroove
Released: 17.02.2009
Style: Minimal, Dub Techno, Tech House

(ir)regular as the catamenia sologroove brings you something new to listen again.after three years of existence is the 25th release out.called va-bohemian ep couldn't be anything else than compilation of the most pumping stuff from the czech republic.

1. clara bailar - after all (6:23)
this lady is a part of the most active playing djs on czech scene.she know to play brass,stringed and clavier instruments.she has danced for a long time various styles but clara today concentrates all energy for making music and playing good dj sets.her delicate track "after all" flows on the broken beat with deep major pads and percussions. http://www.myspace.com/clarabailar

2. elektrabel - greb (5:59)
elektrabel's outshine was in 2006 when jeff mills have heard his demo cd.amazed by his unique sound ,elektrabel is straightway releasing some eps at jeff's axis rec. dame fortune has arranged for elektrabel
european tour and a gig with jeff in tokyo too.his track "greb" is mesmerized techhouse with positive bass line and vocal. http://www.myspace.com/elektrabel

3. insect elektrika - hodinky na prd (7:21)
jan & martin was lost in the dnb, techno a elektro underbrush four years,till 2006,when they have discovered minimal music.their first live pa was at the klika event,which initiated series of succesful pa's in all clubs at the czech republic. track "hodinky na prd" is skip'n hoppy minimal full of kitchen appliances sounds. http://www.myspace.com/insectelektrika

4. machine funck - nic z niceho (6:53)
creative duo -abu & nailer- have found many music lovers through its unconventional approach in music.they have played in many audiovisual european festivals and in seattle rbma 2005 too.they listen all kinds of electronic music but track "nic z niceho" is definitely minimal techno with little melody and deep vocal. http://www.myspace.com/abumachinefunck


Velvet Sky - Days We Remember

Velvet Sky - Days We Remember EP

Label: sologroove
Released: 21.04.2010
Style: Deep House, House

adieu snow, goodbye blue devils, finally is getting warmer.sologroove sprouts its first spring release, produced by velvet sky from the bratislava city.34 dominated rich synths, deepness, funky grooves, clever sampling, discotheque and hypnotheque.

01 Days We Remember
02 Retro Groove
03 Chicago
04 A Touch of Jazz


Hedgehog Dilemma - 3113

Hedgehog Dilemma - 3113

Label: Unsigned
Released: 09.12.2008
Style: Trip Hop, Abstract Hip-Hop, Downtempo

1 solitude (quand je n'étais qu'un)
2 première approche
3 passion
4 mensonges (bonheur)
5 tension
6 août (ft julia)
7 désillusion
8 plus bas que terre
9 hedgehog dilemma
10 des canettes et des mégots
11 sors de ma tête
12 pas seule
13 heartless
14 merci
15 équilibre précaire
16 the end
17 résurrection
18 mémoire


Various Artists - Enough Dubs 2

Various Artists - Enough Dubs 2

Label: enoughrecords
Released: 24.04.2010
Style: Dubstep

two years waiting for the sequel have been worth it - here is enough dubs 2 ...with bass-driven sounds from all over the world. compiled by ps and dipswitch, with a lovely ready-to-print cover design by anna@nudesign.org, this goodie comes to you as a bunch of 320's, creative-commons-licensed as usual. play them tunes!

o1. auxdub feat. simba amlak - confrontation (brazil/guyana)
o2. gök - kyyn eleet (finland)
o3. roots'n'fruits - i don't know (germany)
o4. desmond denker - projecting fear (germany)
o5. jean nine - cat's cradle (finland)
o6. bassrael feat. ac akut - mighty nice (germany)
o7. babysitta - step ya mind (hungary)
o8. gök - hamara (finland)
o9. codex - event horizon (serbia)
1o. the lonely schizo & schmove - chicken factory (russia)
11. cheapshot - contraban (japan)
12. bassrack wobama - i gotz elekted lol (hungary)
13. trollhead - deadlinez (belgium)


úterý 27. dubna 2010

Tryad - Listen

Tryad - Listen

Label: opsound.org
Released: 29.12.2006
Style: Electronic Pop, Ambient, Trip Hop, Industrial

'listen' is t r y ^ d's second creative commons album release.

involving the work of 20 musicians located around the world, this album represents a global collective effort.

a blending of multiple styles, with a specific focus placed upon classical piano, 'listen' is a mature work of melodic electronica.

1 Struttin'
2 Breathe
3 Alone
4 Listen
5 You Are God
6 Lovely
7 Beauty
8 Empty
9 Mesmerize
10 All the Same
11 This
12 Waltz Into the Moonlight
13 Far and Away


Tryad - Public Domain

Tryad - Public Domain

Label: opsound.org
Released: 20.01.2006
Style: Electronic, Ambient, Trip Hop, Industrial

Tryad is one of the world's first 'virtual bands.'

Born of Creative Commons and opsound.org, the members of Tryad :: vavrek, arna, rjmarshall, John Holowach, and emma meet and create music entirely over the internet. During 2005, for over nine months they collaborated, all without having ever spoken to each other (only e-mailed), and produced a strikingly original work. Combining elements of trip-hop, alt. rock, classical instrumentation, and electronica, Public Domain breaks the mold of what you'd expect. From the hard-thumping bass, drums, and chorus of "The Final Rewind," to the mellow, drifting sixties beat of "Peace On Earth (Same Place)," to the stinging madness of "Dance of the Urbanite," there's something here for everyone to appreciate. Bands and artists like Portishead, Depeche Mode, Rob Dougan, The Beatles, Moby,
Massive Attack, and many others mish-mash together in this profound audio journey...

1 The Final Rewind
2 I See
3 Our Lives Change
4 Seduction
5 Witness
6 Beat Into Submission (Solo)
7 Peace On Earth (Same Place)
8 My Piano Sings (Part 4) (with Joana Smith)
9 Dance of the Urbanite
10 Star Guide
11 Sampling Memory
12 My Placid Island
13 Arcadia
14 The Rising


Greg Baumont - Wood

Greg Baumont - Wood

Label: Source Records
Released: 26.07.2005
Style: Electronic, Ambient, Chillout, Trance, Trip Hop

Sophistication and a wide artistic scope are the hallmarks of Greg Baumont’s musical portfolio. Faring equally well in downtempo trip-hop territory as he does executing a symphonic interlude, he brings something unique and fresh to the airwaves. Intriguing sample selection, curious subliminal elements, and masterfully crafted song structures will appeal instantly to fans of Source Records and F-Communication.

1 La sixième porte de Shanaaghar
2 Le nettoyeur
3 The blue star
4 Respire ! (The dervish)
5 Why
6 The new day
7 Why (Trance remix by Ilya Malyuev)
8 La face cachée de la lune
9 Les chevaliers de l'Aar


Rocket Empire - Sinning In LA

Rocket Empire - Sinning In LA & Evaporate

Fans of 1990′s downtempo / smooth D+B take note! Rocket Empire is about to soothe your ears with the sound you’ve been waiting for. OM recording artist Dave “DPL” Lind heads up the Rocket Empire project, twisting new sounds onto delicate drum fills and lush pads and bringing back the downtempo movement as a one-man-show. LA blogger Sinning In LA caught a nice interview and mix from Dave. Snippet below, read the whole piece here.

Dave on Rocket Empire: “In my backyard I can actually see volcanoes, and that’s kind of crazy,” Dish shared. “All of the elements of Oregon are in this album. The surroundings, the open-air environment, that fact that everything here is green. The only problem with Portland is that it pretty much rains nine months out of the year so that has a huge say in the Rocket Empire sounds.”

Nicken – LifeB (Om Records)
Unknown Artist ( White Label)
Asad Rizvi – Dois Polos (Om Records)
Annorack – Endless Summer ( Unknown Label )
Sacred Cycles Tripped Out Remix (White Label)
Blu Mar Ten – Trauma
Rocket Empire – Simmer Down Jammie (Om Records)
Rocket Empire – Evaporate feat. Nica Brooke (Om Records)
Swayzak – Ease my Mind



Jose Padilla – Ibiza Chill Out Mixtape

Jose Padilla – Muzik Magazine – Ibiza Chill Out

Cassette tape given away free with the June 1998 edition of Muzik Magizine, mixed by Jose Padilla.

01. Leftfield – Fanfare Of Life
02. Warp 69 – Natural High (Global Communications Mix)
03. Lamb – Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)
04. Sub Sub – Past
05. A Man Called Adam – Estelle
06. D*Note – D*votion
07. Jose Padilla – Orientation
08. Mental Generation – Café Del Mar
09. Chicane – Offshore (Ambient Mix)
10. The Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath 1
11. Salt Tank – Angels Landing
12. Jose Padilla – Now For Us


PJE - Thought Process

PJE - Thought Process

Label: Crazy Language Netlabel
Released: 14.10.2009
Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic

PJE's Thought Process comes to CL as a drastic sound change from the previous releases. Almost it's polar opposite. A release that smells like Autumn and winks at Winter. Just think of a cold sunny day, spent in the beach and let the music flow. Smoothing synths accompanied by acustic instrumentation are scattered throughout the album and with the carefully placed textures, you found the heart and soul of Thought Process. It's simplicity is incredibly striking, proving that even from the most basic ideas, you can pull out surprises and sonic variation.

01 Faded
02 Parallel
03 Standing Still
04 Like Falling
05 React
06 Out Cold
07 Every Sun
08 Momentary
09 Vector


The Prayer Tree – The Prayer Tree

The Prayer Tree – The Prayer Tree

Label: Hymen
Released: 22.04.2010
Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic

Eluerd records under his own name and with his musical project nimp. together they have formed the prayer tree, and their first self titled album is now seeing the light of day. with this project, the prayer tree typify the gift of silence and recovery in eight songs of sheer beauty and slight melancholy. redemption is a prevalent theme - through a journey/physical way (tokyo, silent stones), through technology (ubik), through experiencing a book (new york) or in a religious sense (all those who just couldnt make it, the golden hour). most of the songs refer to a
moment, a fragment of time where your life has changed and/or you take the decision to change it for the better. these are pictures of thoughts, contemplation of yourself and of your surrounding. as a whole, the album is the musical equivalent of
the enjoyment of these moments while having a taste of true happiness (at least for a little while). with this release the prayer tree present an album of quiet, introspection but also an album of strong and inventive songs. eluerd's poetic lyrics are set to a brilliant variety of subtle, colourful arrangements while acoustic and electronic instruments interact perfectly with a mellow voice. one can simply bathe in the lush sensuality of the instruments and compositions. give it a listen, you will not regret it.

01 Tokyo 06:12
02 Ubik 05:43
03 New York 07:24
04 Gone 02:45
05 All Those Who Just Couldn't Make It 06:37
06 Silent Stones 05:16
07 Why Aren't We Dancing 06:04
08 The Golden Hour 08:41

Check the comments for the link!

The Prayer Tree from Arthur Vincie on Vimeo.

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Funki Porcini - Automotive Ride

Label: Not on label (Funki Porcini self-released)
Released: March 2010
Style: Breaks, Downtempo

01 Automotive Ride 4:27

Check the comments for the link!

<a href="http://funkiporcini.bandcamp.com/track/automotive-ride">Automotive Ride by Funki Porcini</a>

Bandfx - Bandfx EP

Bandfx - Bandfx EP

Label: Not On Label
released: 2006
style: Downtempo, Nujazz, Electronic


01 Rundorun
02 Mechanical root
03 Smoke Story
04 Other Species


Alla Farmer – Takes EP

Alla Farmer – Takes EP

Label: Electronica
released: 15.04.2010
style: Tech House

Take 1 – saturate synthetic groove decorated with an excellent beat and an excellent mood definitely will not keep the listener indifferent on a dance-floor. Without losing rate, we are smoothly passing to Take 2 – we are like loading in not less fine atmosphere! Brightly expressed bass guitar does its business. The release finish Take 3, with not less massive bassline, fine pads and an old piano which gives warmly excellent jazz motive.

Lets move! From Siberia with love!

01 Take 1
02 Take 2
03 Take 3

Bears In The Attic - Protein Sound EP

Bears In The Attic - Protein Sound EP

Label: Dusted Wax Kingdom
released: 11.04.2010
style: Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Electronic Jazz, Soul

Dusted Wax Kingdom presents the debut album from Bears In The Attic. Combined hip-hop beats with soulful and jazzy grooves make it an essential for every connoisseur's collection. Absolutely comparable to the good old sound of Cymande, the positive flow of Mr. Scruff and the magical downbeat vibe of Funki Porcini. A very very funky baby!

01 Intro
02 All Day Animal
03 No Matter
04 Hot Millions
05 The Trouble With Thomas
06 Ain't No Thing
07 Don't Leave Till Daylight
08 Lament


ORG - White Pussycat EP

ORG - White Pussycat EP

Label: Takt Als Mittel
released: 29.07.2006
style: Breaks, Downtempo, Ambient

From Space to Hip Hop and back. So you can describe the 7-track-ep “White Pussycat” from ORG. Changing beatz drives the listener from space to club, partially political, but never disabusing…

“Macht” shows the power of power, there are big words for this little earth. But afterwards pussycat is at the wheel and shows the problems of the world a little more relaxing. The problems are ambivalently. Watching news is important but don’t let you get depressively. Change the world! For example with 94 bpm.

1 Introducing...
2 Macht
3 BEAT85
4 White Pussycat In Atmospheric Blue
5 Square Space Time
6 White Pussycat Shakin' Ass
7 Flying Souls


Butane & Barem – Freeloader EP

Butane + Barem – Freeloader EP

Label: unfoundsound
released: 20.04.2010
style: Minimal Techno, Tech House

unfoundsound is stoked to present a collaborative ep courtesy of two unfoundsound artists that have long since become much more than unfoundsound artists. “freeloader” is a dark and druggy minimal techno track made by butane and barem in 2006, originally intended for a compilation on a label which is now defunct. plus, you get a 2010 remix from (un)foundsound’s own, someone else — a deep and groovy minimal dub-techno head-trip.

01 freeloader
02 freeloader (someone else’s zzz top remix)


ORG - Icons

ORG - Icons

Label: Taktalsmittel
Released: 12.07.2007
Style: Ambient, Breakbeat, Downtempo, Chill

TAM029 | ORG | Icons | ORG meldet sich zurück! In alter White Pussycat-Tradition gehts auf Icons [TAM029] wieder von Downbeat zu Tech Step zu Jazz. NO ICONS, JUST ORG.

01 Nude Art
02 Phatmatized
03 Redds Smooth
04 Cosmic Ride
05 Next Please
06 2 For The Show


60 HERTZ - BoxRoom-BSides

Label: Mac-Trax
Released: 21.04.2010
Style: Dub Techno, Deep House

60 Hertz(aka Wayne Duggan) and Resident@Mac-Trax-Radio,makes
his first release with us. A 3 track ep, that brings us from the softly layered
deep house number that is "Kids", through to "Buddin" which delivers a more dub
tech flavour and on to "Tippin", which exposes 60 HERTZ deeper tech side.

01 Kids (Original Mix)
02 Tippin
03 Buddin


Spiral Dub – Abeyance Dub EP

Spiral Dub – Abeyance Dub EP

Label: insectorama
Released: 26.04.2010
Style: Dub Techno

insectorama presents the new ep from spiral dub (kyoto , japan).
this is a wonderfull dubtechno ep with great chords, stabs, echos and synthlines.

01 spiral dub – abeyance dub
02 spiral dub – reverie
03 spiral dub – a new life
04 spiral dub – abeyance dub [reduction remix by markus masuhr remix]


Dustmotes - Beats for the Subverted

Dustmotes - Beats for the Subverted

Label: PublicSpaces Lab
Released: 11.11.2009
Style: Instrumental Hip-Hop, Ambient, Downtempo, Trip Hop

Paul Croker is a versatile artist, reflected by his various musical influences from past to present. His first release, 'Beats for the Subverted' is primarily influenced by early DJ Shadow, Portishead and UNKLE. The simple aim was to set about recording a vinyl-only sample based work, overdubbing bass and
percussion where necessary. The result is a dark, ambient hip hop flavoured album, with a light social commentary.

01 Animals
02 Annica
03 Attrition #1
04 Attrition #2
05 Dansette
06 Ferdowsi
07 Forewarned
08 Les Mains Sales
09 Outro
10 Polemic


Dustmotes - The Containment Sessions

Dustmotes - The Containment Sessions

Label: PublicSpaces Lab
Released: 18.04.2010
Style: Instrumental Hip-Hop, Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic

We have rarely experienced here at the Lab the build up of expectation behind a release like we felt for this one. "Beats for the Subverted" was one of the releases that reached out from our usual listening base and brought other listeners to the Lab. Right after [PS012] was released we started to get asked, by mail, in talks or on twitter when the next release from Paul Croker would see the light of day. That moment has arrived and the wait was well worth it. Dustmotes delivers with his "Containment Sessions" a release that is a few notches above "Beats for the Subverted". When listening to it for the first time I could feel a sound that is more confident and, but I might be wrong, I think that has a lot to do with all the positive feedback Paul got from his first ever release. Nothing in "The Containment Sessions" is out of place and the same attention to details that Paul got us used to, is here. I feel privileged for being one of the few that got to enjoy this release before everyone else and it is my opinion that we all should be grateful to Paul for sharing his immense talent with us.

01 Unnecessary Rhetoric
02 Farewell to Trends
03 Transcending Static
04 The Aesthetic Principle
05 Misgiving
06 Yoghurt
07 Passed by
08 Love and Compassion
09 Entrelacquered
10 The Great Unheard


Ulf Lohmann - Because Before

Ulf Lohmann - Because Before

Label: Kompakt
Released: 25.08.2001
Style: Minimal, Ambient

...nice journey into oriental minimal grooves

1 Untitled 5:48
2 Untitled 4:16
3 Untitled 4:31
4 Untitled 4:28
5 Untitled 3:11
6 Untitled 2:10
7 Untitled 3:25
8 Untitled 5:14
9 Untitled 3:25
10 Untitled 1:40
11 Untitled 4:29

Check the comments for the link!

Brock Van Wey - White Clouds Drift On And On

Brock Van Wey - White Clouds Drift On And On

Label: echospace [detroit]
released: June 2009
style: Dub Techno, Ambient

As Bvdub, Brock Van Wey pokes holes in the fabric between dub and ambient music. On his first release under his own name, White Clouds Drift On and On, he discards drums and bass entirely, producing his finest work yet in the process. The tracks are built from tapered, drenching loops of tone, massed in respiring pulses. The music beats, shivers, yawns open. The album's title, while almost comically generic, is apt: without drums, it's wonderfully unimpeded, like a huge pendulum slowly spending its energy. We would get that it's Van Wey's most personal work even if it weren't for song titles like "I Knew Happiness Once"-- the tracks are sensitively inhabited, with a human ache in every cascade.


1-1 Too Little Too Late 11:12
1-2 I Knew Happiness Once 16:17
1-3 Forever A Stranger 12:30
1-4 A Gentle Hand To Hold 14:56
1-5 A Chance To Start Over 15:32
1-6 White Clouds Drift On And On 7:12

Intrusion Interpretation

2-1 White Clouds Drift On And On [Intrusion Shape I] 24:15
2-2 A Chance To Start Over [Intrusion Shape II] 11:18
2-3 A Gentle Hand To Hold [Intrusion Shape III] 17:12
2-4 Forever A Stranger [Intrusion Shape IV] 11:08
2-5 I Knew Happiness Once [Intrusion Shape V] 9:20
2-6 Too Little Too Late [Intrusion Shape VI] 6:23

Check the comments for the link!

Transient - A Sudden Soft Implosion of Noiselessness EP

Transient - A Sudden Soft Implosion of Noiselessness EP

Label: Dusted Wax Kingdom
released: 29.09.2008
style: Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Downtempo, Electronic

Here is a special release for Dusted Wax Kingdom by Transient - your ticket for a colourful journey from oldschool breakbeat worlds through experimental trancy ambience to glittering IDM planets in new downtempo and trip-hop dimensions.

1. Plain Jane
2. Crazy
3. Innercalm
4. Fly Like A Beagle
5. Everyone Still Isn't Listening To The Lorax (Screw The Stupid Thneeds)
6. Chaos Skit
7. Right And Wrong


Atomic - Golden Shower EP

Atomic - Golden Shower EP

Label: sologroove.com
Released: 13.12.2009
Style: Deep House, Funk
Country: Slovakia

enjoy 31st sologroove release.fresh, groovy,funky and sunny stuff for your winter events.yes, that is the new release from another slovak artist atomic.with four mellow house tracks, mostly influenced by funk and jazz.first of them called baja fresh starts with jazzy rhodes chord and continues with strange funky bassline a good start for another portion of groovefreestyle
100 cent steps is mellow houssy melodic track with funky bassline and riffs. check it out, check it out!french section continues with mellow mood, this time with sexy female vocal.the last track called gimme back my love, keeps on dancing with sax riffs. golden shower ep is one of the most houssy sologroove release and will definitely move your feet for whole time.

1. baja fresh (8:26)
2. freestyle 100 cent steps (5:44)
3. french section (6:07)
4. gimme back my love (5:16)


Sixteen F**king Years of G-Stone Records

Sixteen F**king Years of G-Stone Records

Label: G-Stone Recordings
Released: 2010
Style: Trip Hop, Dub, Downtempo

Celebrating its 16th anniversary G-Stone Recordings is releasing a compilation including new tracks by Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca, Peace Orchestra, Christian Prommer´s Drumlesson, Rodney Hunter, Makossa&Megablast and many others as well as a free bonus disc of classics and hidden treasures from the G-Stone vaults.
So its been 16 years, has it? It has definitely been a while since Messieurs Kruder and Dorfmeister dared to rip off Richard Avedon and Elvis Presley in one seminal move, which is filed under G-Stone catalogue number 12 001. Well, they didnt exactly rip anyone off, they more appropriated it. And so G-Stone was born.
Check these mad men and the pie they had their fingers in. Bedroom rockers and festival headliners, dub organisers and sessionists, futurists of nostalgia, continental purveyors of funk, alchemists of the sonic texture, a brand Danubian. 16 years? It’s been a long time, but G-Stone never left you without a beat to step to. Let them eat cake. Or fight with it.
A birthday party without presents? No f**king way. 25 tracks – 13 new songs & 12 classics – will be available as free MP3 downloads from April 16th to May 16th at www.g-stoned.com. A 2xCD with an extensive booklet recounting the history of G-Stone Recordings and our artists will be in stores on May 17th. Thank you for being part of the G-Stone family – enjoy!

cd1: 13 F**king New Tracks

01. Kruder & Dorfmeister - Aikon
02. Marsmobil - Patience (long version)
03. Makossa & Megablast - Coming Home feat. Hubert Tubbs
04. Tosca - Rosa (Rodney Hunter version)
05. Peace Orchestra - Who Am I (Broken Reform remix)
06. Sugar B - Love You Anyway
07. Rodney Hunter - Tell Me
08. D Kay - Red Heat
09. Urbs - Happy Days feat. Bagi & Sarah Ann
10. DJ DSL - Oaschloch feat. Urbs
11. Christian Prommer - High Noon (Drumlesson version)
12. Tosca - John Lee


cd2: 12 F**king Classics

01. Kruder & Dorfmeister - The G-Stone Anthem (Urbs mashup)
02. Tosca - Fuck Dub (part 1 & 2)
03. Urbs - So Weit
04. Marsmobil - Magnetizing
05. Kruder & Dorfmeister - Young Man
06. Makossa & Megablast - Rip It Up feat. Ras T-Weed
07. Voom Voom - Best Friend
08. Richard Dorfmeister & Madrid De Los Austrias - Valldemossa
09. Rodney Hunter - No Stoppin
10. DJ DSL - Happy Bear
11. Stereotyp - Keepin Me
12. Peace Orchestra - Shining


neděle 18. dubna 2010

Silence - L'autre Endroit

Silence - L'autre Endroit

Label: Not On Label
Released: 2010
Style: Dark Ambient, Atmospheric, Trip Hop, Experimental

This album is nothing short of absolutely brilliant. Pseudo-classical ambient progressive electro-rock. Mozart meets Jean-Michel Jarre meets a guitar. Genius.

1 Cellule
2 Réalité
3 Stop!
4 Expérience
5 Effacé
6 Sale
7 Particule
8 Larmes
9 Follow me


Fragments - Coming Soon

Fragments - Coming Soon

Label: Stefano Targa & Enzo Carlino
Released: 2010 re-release
Style: Ambient, Atmospheric, Chillout, Relaxing

these 3 pieces are from 1993/4

we are posting here the original tapes masterized as we are working at our next albums as soloists

1 asian impression
2 rain
3 movement


Matthias Heiderich - Raja

Matthias Heiderich - Raja

Label: Takt Als Mittel
Released: 19 Apr 2006
Style: Drum n Bass, Abstract, Downtempo

1 Arven
2 Kasui
3 Wall
4 Jicc
5 Fyon
6 FU-781


Xalm Retribution - Illusion Of Love

Xalm Retribution - Illusion Of Love

Label: Circlesandlines-recordings
Released: 04.04.2010
Style: Ambient, Exprimental

i want to tell you
definition of instinct
involve in the night
senses fail
illusion of love
fairytale about times
diffusion in the evening
no turn
absolute zer


Daologic - Moon Traffic

Daologic - Moon Traffic

Label: Circlesandlines-recordings
Released: 22.02.2010
Style: IDM, Ambient

01 Bamboo Sunrise
02 Enchaton Lake
03 High Sun
04 Kirovsk
05 Portal
06 Four Elements
07 Robert Notes


ORG - Anti EP

ORG - Anti EP

Label: Takt Als Mittel
Released: 27 Aug 2005
Style: Breakbeat, Electro

1 Ronans Welt
2 Planet Vega
3 Gegen Nazis
4 ...Rettet Die Welt
5 Escape (Kosmonautenstadt)


DigiTube - Time to Chill

DigiTube - Time to Chill

Label: PublicSpaces Lab
Released: 2010
Style: Chill Out

DigiTube, a.k.a. Scott Lachance, returns to the Lab and, once more, we are thrilled by having him releasing with us.

After the really well received “Soundtracks for Media, Sound Tracks for Life” [PS016], DigiTube brings us a new EP that it is a true showcase of his talent. Relaxed, well humored and with moments of true musical genius, “Time to Chill” points out the future of the genre. To listen to in a relaxed environment with a daiquiri nearby.

01 Not Hip Hoppie
02 Sweeter Things in Life
03 Organic (with Somio)
04 Abby Tempo
05 Going with the Flow
06 Jazzy Shuffle
07 Stabb and Riff
08 UP and Adam
09 The Mick Shuffle
10 Traversing


Cybophonia - Cybophonia

Label: Cuadra
Released: 2000
Style: Future Jazz, Downtempo, Ambient

1 E.V.A. 77bpm
2 G-Five
3 Vostok Jazz
4 Interludio #1
5 Cut & Paste
6 Lazy Sunday Afternoon
7 Interludio #2
8 Je Parl Pà Fransé
9 Azona Pop
10 Interludio #3
11 Air Dope
12 Vostok Jazz Reprise
13 21:18
14 Tribute


neděle 11. dubna 2010

DJ Falcon aka Stephane Queme (Daft Punk) - JJJ Mixup

DJ Falcon aka Stephane Queme (Daft Punk) @ JJJ Mixup (10.04.2010)

Abstract Tracklisting:

Fenech-Soler - The Cult Of Romance (Alan Braxe Remix)
Los Borges - Aos Baroes
The Saints - Waste Of Time
Air - So Light Is Her Footfall (Breakbot Remix)
Dinosaur Jr - Pieces
Phoenix - Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix)
Phoenix - Love Like a Sunset
Daft Punk - Digital Love
Cassius - My feeling for you
and many more ….


sobota 10. dubna 2010

Stromlinie - Bewegungsfreiheit

Label: Not On Label
Released: 2009
Style: Tech House, IDM, Downtempo, Electro

01 Led II
02 Ansuki
03 What the...
04 Panolima
05 Dig That
06 Got To Be Crazy
07 Touh You (electro mix)
08 Ledana
09 Heads Up
10 Ansuki IV
11 Umdacht
12 Ansuki I
13 What You See


Gradient – Seashore

Label: Thinner
Released: 04.11.2009
Style: Dub Techno, Minimal

we re kicking off the autumn season with a free ep by the uprising russian producer gradient, who presents three classic minimal dub tracks tailored for thinner, focusing on grooves and kicking it gently. ′changes′ comes with a start-stop groove and paints pliant dub chords over a gradually shifting theme. on the second track ′deep performance′ gradient sinks more and more in the wideness between clean dry beats, a discreet shifting bassline and the idea of a timeless groove, giving mood to the whole scenario, similar to what vocal cutups represent in deephouse tracks, whose indefiniteness just is their argument and which transports something like cavity and closeness. very beautiful and floating endlessly. the third track ′seashore′ loves the chords borrowed from the dub tracks, but takes care of everything else than the dancefloor, it′s a friendly and sinister track at the same time which comes very close to oneself. martin jarl, who will soon enough have a new album out on thinner, takes on to remix ′deep performance and gives it an entirely new detroit scope, enthusiastic and concentrated at the same time, as his mix is warm, slack but for all that full of vision.

1 Changes
2 Deep Performance
3 Seashore
4 Deep Performance (Martin Jarl Rmx)


Monome Community - Haiti 2010

Label: Not on Label
Released: 20.01.2010
Style: Electronic, Downtempo, Breaks, IDM

This album is a collection of tracks created by artists from all across the world that are part of the monome community (monome.org). Each artist has donated the track free of charge, in order to generate donations for the complete album download, with all sales proceeds being donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (msf.org).

1. Einpuls - Sugar High
2. Visinin - House from a Home
3. The General - Chuckles
4. Pauk - 30 battements
5. Glimmertone - Desintegrator
6. Watson - Sky Pulse
7. Math Rosen - Be home Soon
8. Lokey - Savio Testdrive, Verdone Overlay
9. Island Dweller - Red Skies
10. Oldman Intel - Pillar of Salt, Ball of Fire
11. Made By Robot - Worst Journey In The World
12. Auditory Canvas - Chimera
13. I Am Genko (feat. Paulo Novoa) - Todo Es Doble
14. Raja The Resident Alien - Every Way Is an Out
15. Samuel and the Dragon - Diamonds on a Boat (Damien Shingleton rmx)
16. Maersk - Wednesday
17. The Superorganism - Potential Rabbit Sound
18. Modulogeek+Shoemucker - Chasing Dreams, Catching Realities
19. Beatpoet - Chronomacy
20. The B-Roll - Early Morning
21. Hypno|sapien - Endure
22. Kid_sputnik - Meep
23. The Sweaty Caps - Three Before
24. HenderSounds - Mister CP
25. Dat Niks Klank - Tew Shrew Too Fower Glassmilk Hand This'll es Cents
26. Swimming - Pretlepang
27. Kcain/Tehn - 071011

<a href="http://einpuls.bandcamp.com/album/haiti-2010">Einpuls - Sugar High by Monome Community</a>