středa 31. března 2010

Bandulu Dub – Spiritual Revolution

Producer: Bandulu Dub
Released: 30.03.2010
Style: Dub, Dubstep

Highly recommended!

1. Bandulu Dub Meets Liquid Stranger - Pluto Rocketship
2. Bandulu Dub Meets Nomurai - Critical Error
3. Bandulu Dub Meets ReZiNdRiP - Voice Of The Voiceless
4. Bandulu Dub Meets Ras Bruno - Northern Lights
5. Bandulu Dub Meets Jerry Coox - Cosmic Mystery
6. Bandulu Dub Meets Dubalizer - International Revolution

<a href="http://banduludub.bandcamp.com/album/spiritual-revolution">Pluto Rocketship by Bandulu Dub</a>

Lost Balance - Air Control

Label: Autoreverse
Released: 2001
Style: Trip Hop

Lost Balance is a Spanish trip-hop band founded in 2000 in Granada by Isabel Benedi and Mariano Rodriguez (formerly of a band called Lunatic Fringe). Their discography includes a demo CD entitled "Analogical Shotcuts", an EP with 4 remixes, a self-released EP with unreleased tracks called "Bed" (2003) and 2 albums - "Air Control" (2001) and "Alone In Multitudes" (2004, both released on the Autoreverse label). It is unknown whether the project is on a permanent or indefinite hiatus, but Isabel Benedi also has now a side project called A Phone Call. They are noted for their unique style that often sees them experimenting with all kinds of sounds.

1 Third Skin
2 Deep
3 Playing Field
4 Warped (Cool)
5 Fortress
6 Walk Softly (Hermetic)
7 A House, A Home, A Closed Door
9 Angles (Overtone)
10 Real State
11 No Man's Land


Kellee Maize - Aligned Archetype

Label: Not On Label
Released: 08.02.2010
Style: Electro, Dubstep, Hip-Hop

Kellee has already reached over 118,000 downloads via FrostWire.

1 Open Minded Medal (Intro)
2 Future Remix
3 Start None
4 Signs
5 Mothership
6 Godette
7 Say Watcha Want
8 City of Champions
9 Big Plans
10 Friday Night Flu Remix
11 Third Eye
12 Thought to Thing
13 Freakuency
14 Struggle Remix, AKA White Girl Socialist
15 Something Sacred
16 Evolution Remix
17 Pulse
18 Eleven 11
19 Thx Bobos
20 Big Plans Remix


Sir Bazz - Bazzmann Downtempo Selections 2

Label: Jamazine Production
Released: 26.03.2010
Style: Atmospheric, Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Chillout, Downtempo

Another exclusive downtempo mixed selection by Sir Bazz! Don’t miss it!

01 Have No Tyrant / SGX
02 Empty / t r y ^ d
03 Blue Chaos / Realaze
04 Respiro / Fcojav
05 Correre sulle case / Marco Connelli
06 Apathy to the Devil / Strange Zero
07 Frasi che / Luca Bazz
08 When the chips are down / Xaviant Haze
09 Plume / Silence
10 Do not disturb / Dikital
11 It’s heavy to breathe / Sasha Knyazev
12 Ghetto blaster / Sachango
13 Invisible walls / Revolution Void
14 Demain, comme hier! / Ogg Vorbis
15 Moon 4 / Fluydo (Fluydo vs Ice One rmx)
16 Signs / Kellee Maize
17 Cheyenne soul / MEA (FrenchLAB)
18 Orbital movement / Frank Molder
19 Pulse of the earth / Hungry Lucy


Lost Balance - Alone In Multitudes

Label: Not On Label
Released: 2009
Style: Trip Hop

Sensitive and intimistic music. A blend of pop and experimentation, electronica and the analogical, noise and silence ...

1 Lonely descarga gratuita
2 Dragon descarga gratuita
3 Lifetime descarga gratuita
4 Invader descarga gratuita
5 In descarga gratuita
6 My outside descarga gratuita
7 These Days descarga gratuita
8 Tears & Extremes descarga gratuita
9 Dancing On The Moon Within My Shoes descarga gratuita
10 Return To A Strange Disdain descarga gratuita
11 Wide-Eyed Platform


úterý 30. března 2010

Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break - Oscillations

Label: Jus Like Music Records
Released: 29.03.2010
Style: Dubstep, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul

Oscillations Part 1 is a free digital download designed to help spread the word far and wide about these amazing artists! So, tell a friend or two to come download it!

1. Broken Haze - Block
2. Om Unit - Neptune
3. Chairman Kato - No Coincidence
4. Vital - Gaffer Tape
5. T.Hemingway - Dirty
6. le N?KO - Crushed Universes
7. Decepticon Bootleg Machine - Orbit162
8. Lunice - Perpetual Leisure
9. Invisible Inc - Paradise
10. Paper Tiger - Good Feelings feat. Sabira Jade
11. Ocuban - Favela feat. Kit
12. Cohoba - Caltri
13. Dza - Shifty
14. East Winston Lake - Indigo's Wah Wah (prod. Akello Light)
15. Grillo - Fronting The Weekend
16. Bluntspeakers - 1000 Miles
17. Sampology - Mamaye
18. Dipak Chand - Nurse, Hello
19. BUG - Indica
20. Jesse Futerman - I Love You So

<a href="http://juslikemusicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jus-like-music-apple-juice-break-present-oscillations-part-1">Block by Jus Like Music Records</a>

Deepindub - Big Brothers Of Dub

Label: Deepindub.org
Released: 08.02.2010
Style: Dub Techno

Enjoy and happy anniversary to deepindub !!!

1 Lars Fenin – The Healer – 5:58
2 Anders Ilar – Temporary Perspectives – 9:08
3 Christian Dittmann – Irresistible Drop – 10:01


Federsen – Magnetic Transmissions

Label: Deepindub.org
Released: 28.03.2010
Style: Deep House, Ambient

Originally from Scotland, Federsen (Chris kelly) now lives near San Francisco in California.We know this artist from the wonderful release on thinner.cc : Federsen – Social Realism and nowwe are excited to present you again this artist, with one Album of 8 tracks of electronic music,space deep and ambient tunes, will capture your interest and gift you of delicious dreams….

1 - Original Theory
2 - Magellic Clouds
3 - Octavian
4 - Cosmic Textures
5 - Gaps In The Mind
6 - Freedom From The Know
7 - Emerge 2
8 - Gravity Mass Weight


Vektordrum – Geese – I, Banished: Recut

Label: Section27
Released: 28.03.2010
Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic, Glitch, IDM

First of three new releases in 2010 on Section 27 from Vektordrum, this reimagined and remastered version of his 2009, 3 disc "I, Banished" LP condenses the album to tell another story. "Geese" is the sound of a rainy day in Washington State, its fractured skittering beats fighting with angular melodies melding into a metallic liquid and filtered through your speakers. An essential release into a promising back catalogue.

01 - District [8:44]
02 - Contra [9:16]
03 - Mezzanine [13:47]
04 - Talec [10:59]
05 - Infinit [8:24]
06 - Geese [7:36]
07 - One Leaf [21:10]


AZ Rotator - Spam

Label: Discontinu Records
Released: 2010
Style: Electronic, IDM

01-Customer Participation
02-SPAM Theme
03-Playing the casino
05-Zombie bot
06-Lonely pretty girl
08-Basura Sonica No Deseada


Devonwho - Thumbtracks Remixes 01

Producer: Devonwho
Released: 16.02.2010
Style: Abstract, IDM, Hip-Hop, Rap

Remixes of devonwho's album titled "funraiser vol.1: thumbtracks" procured between the months of october 2009 and february 2010 by friends new and old.

1. braketime (mndsgn's sequel)
2. braketime (shlohmo's reiteration)
3. fedoraworm (dibiase's microwave flip)
4. adept (yuk's adeptation)
5. adept (tokimonsta's monstamix)
6. spaghettiisland ft. mndsgn (busy's twist)
7. todo (matthewdavid treemix)
8. todo (teebs' cut)
9. fourthrees (P.U.D.G.E.'s recreation)
10. nimbus (alex b's rework)
11. holup (hi-res' refix)
12. actriz (fitz ambrose's morning news edition)
13. actriz (elan's rendition)
14. actriz (krystal klear's woogie mix)

<a href="http://devonwho.bandcamp.com/album/thumbtracks-remixes-vol-1">braketime (mndsgn's sequel) by devonwho</a>

Moby – Live from Montreal

Producer: Moby
Released: 01.03.2010
Style: Downtempo, Instrumental, Modern Classical

While in the midst of an extensive critically acclaimed US tour in Fall 2009, Moby recorded an intimate live performance at the Montreal iTunes store to a captivated audience. 'Moby iTunes Live from Montreal' becomes available around the world at iTunes this week (March 2 in North America and March 1 in the UK, and Internationally).

For this special recording Moby performed tracks from his most recent album 'Wait For Me,' as well as some other classics from previous albums, with a rare ‘stripped back‘ set consisting of just guitar, piano, violin and vocals. Joining him for this incredible and unique performance were the very talented lead vocalists from his tour - Kelli Scarr and Inyang Bassey. Moby joins an exciting and diverse list of artists that have participated in this iTunes global signature music series which features sessions recorded at Apple stores in London, New York, Tokyo, Montreal, Sydney and Munich.

1. Pale Horses
2. Wait For Me
3. Mistake
4. Jltf
5. Porcelain
6. Walk With Me
7. One Time We Lived
8. Helpless
9. Great Escape
10. We are All Made Of Stars


pondělí 29. března 2010

James Holden - Headphone Highlights

James Holden @ Headphone Highlights - London Session (29.03.2010)

Son Of Sam - Nature's Made A Mistake - Final Image
Avus - Wide Mouth Frog - Border Community
Animal Collective - My Girls - Domino
Rosa Yemen - Herpes Simplex - ZE Records
Cluster - Hollywood - Brain
Four Tet - Circling - Domino
Caribou - Niobe - City Slang
Xeno & Oaklander - Blue Flower - Xanten
Tony Conrad With Faust - The Side Of Man And Womankind - Caroline


neděle 28. března 2010

Kinetic Monkey feat. Bex Parr - The Beauty and The Rage

Style: Trip Hop, Downtempo
released: 08.03.2010

A couple of down-tempo songs made by Kinetic Monkey featuring the awesome vocal talents of Bex Parr. Album art shamelessly stolen from the mistress of all things visual, María Sanz.

1.Kinetic Monkey feat. Bex Parr - You Will Find Me Here
2.Kinetic Monkey feat. Bex Parr - The Beauty and The Rage
3.Kinetic Monkey feat. Bex Parr - The Last 6 Months
4.You Will Find Me Here (instr.)

<a href="http://kineticmonkey.bandcamp.com/album/the-beauty-and-the-rage">You Will Find Me Here by Kinetic Monkey</a>

sobota 27. března 2010

Fukkk Offf - Doorbitch presents Fukkk Offf Studio Mix

1. Monosurround - Cocked Locked
2. Fukkk Offf - Rave Is King
3. Lars Moston - What Now (Fukkk Offf Rmx)
4. Fukkk Offf - The Bottom
5. DJ Dan - Seduction (Fukkk Offf Rmx)
6. Fukkk Offf - Black Phantom
7. Sidechains - Turn Your Body On (FUKKK OFFF Rmx)
8. Fukkk Offf - I'm A Freak
9. The Shoes - Knock Out (Fukkk Offf Rmx)
10. Fukkk Offf - Rock Paper Scissors
11. The Dance Inc. - The Boy Who (Fukkk Offf Rmx)
12. Maral Salmassi - Fire Gem (Fukkk Offf Rmx)
13. Fukkk Offf - Bloodfuck
14. D Secret SVC - Tight Jeans (Fukkk Offf Rmx)


čtvrtek 25. března 2010

Four Tet - Rob da Bank BBC Radio 1

Four Tet - Rob da Bank - BBC Radio 1 (09.01.2010)

ID some Elvis Remix
MJ Cole - Sincere (High Rankin & Mumdance Remix)
Four Tet — Sing (MV Session)
Bullion — Say Goodbye To What
Pixies — Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Mix)
L-Vis 1990 — The Bird
Owl City — Fireflies (Marlow Mix)
Jay-Z & Alicia Keys — Empire State Of Mind (DC Breaks Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco and Beth Ditto — Cruel Intentions
Antlers — Thirteen (Session)
In Flagranti — Brash And Vulgar (Disco 3000 Mix)
The Vanish — Hold On
OLO Worms — Back From England
Shortstuff & Hyetal — Ice Cream
Skillz — Tip Up Ya Cup
Massive Attack — Saturday Come Slow
Iyaz — Replay


Cyberdread & Moussa 'Ndiaie - Live Performance

Producer: Cyberdread
Released: 16.04.2009
Style: Afrobeat, House, Tribal

Documentfreedomdance - dj set (25 tracks) + live percussions (Moussa 'Ndiaie)

1 Cyberdread - Roots Music - Nu-Jazz Club Vers
2 Andrea Barone - Afrique
3 Ben Crea - Sundance
4 Antonio Sacco - Macumba Night
5 DJ Kirill - House of Yema
6 Cyberdread - Synchro System Club
7 Kay Grove - 7th Corner
8 Ate One - Weekender
9 Kvaleoun - It’ Da Pianist
10 Funkyproject - Mystic Shoot
11 Cyberdread - White House (African Soul Vers.)
12 Antonio Sacco - Jazzid
13 Elias Damian - So Rhythmic
14 Lash - Floorstepper
15 Espsix - Change (House Mix)
16 Phish Funk - Beautiful Geometry (original Mix)
17 Cyberdread - Mescalito
18 Vibrant - Ankle Injuries,FujiyaMiyagi(Vibrant Deep House remix)
19 Antonio Sacco - Female Breath
20 KND&DEE - Curiosity (About Sex)
21 Ate One - Going for a Ride
22 Oksid - The soul keeps the planet rockin’
23 Cyberdread - Turisti - Who Is Silvio B
24 Kay Groove - Brothers
25 Espsix - Sunglasses


Robinson, Freitag And The Lonely Trumpet - Shaking Hands!

Label: Not On Label
Released: 2006
Style: Afrobeat, Easy Listening, Ethno, Reggae, Tribal

A very catchy album, fresh and funny…for a summer party near the swimming pool!

Robinson and Freitag had to leave their lovely pacific island for tragical reasons - you can read them here. They started a dangerous and crazy journey. One Day, they came by riverboat to the Czech Republic. In the pedestrial area of Prague, they met Karol Zatopek, a breathless and lonely street musician. After a few beers, they perceived a deeply feeling for each other and found out the magic of music. Fortunately they won in the state lottery of the Czech Republic a Farfisa Steam Organ and could finally realise their musical visions. The famous saarlandish producer Mr. Cack discovered their talent and decided to make an album with our three pleasant musicians.

1 Introduction
2 Garden Tree
3 In Da Jungle
4 Sister And Brother
5 Running With Rockets
6 I'm In Love
7 Dancehall Madness
8 Woman
9 Happy New Year
10 Music Is My Medicine


Nameless Dancers - Midday Lounge

Label: 45RPM-Records
Released: 28.02.2010
Style: Lounge, Jazzy Lounge, Chillout

1 Nameless Dancers - Midday Lounge
2 Nameless Dancers - Old Cinema (Acoustic Mix)


mXsProject - Natural Flows

Label: http://mxsproject.blogspot.com/
Released: 2008
Style: Lounge, Electrojazz, Electro, Ambient, Chillout

A winning album by mXsProject, the third one of this italian band.An electronic job that mix chillout, ethnic, world and ambient music in a nice fresh whole.The first song, Aramis, is a good beginning that makes you enter in a relaxing and calm state of mind.Rhythm will grove in the second song of this album, Deep Kaos, taking your ears in a whirl of different sounds.In Hi-Yuko, track number four, you can find a fascinating oriental sound: grate vocals!Motionless Andament, track five, has an acestral core, misterious and obscure.Nu Delhi, the last song, turns out the ethnic soul of this album using traditional indian instruments like sitars (indian striged instruments) and tablas (a typical indian drum).

1 Aramis
2 Deep Kaos
3 Escape
4 Hi-Yuko
5 Motionless Andament
6 [Untitled]
7 Age
8 The Last Night
9 Piccadilly Circus
10 Nu Delhi


Zeropage - Ambient Pills Update

Label: Not on label
Released: 2009
Style: Trance, Progressive, Ambient

Zeropage produce always good electronic music, but I found this release more mature than “Ambient Pills”. Generally, in fact, the tracks on this album are more accurate and complete than before.

I think the top tracks are the open one Tranquillizer Jam with its typically ambient sound, City Flight with a great groove useful in every techno party and DJ mix set, and Hyper Threading, the most spatial track in the album.

This album is great to listen both in background when you are working and with your preferred best hi-fi system or iPod when you need to dance.

1 Tranquilizer Jam
2 Is It Real?
3 Ambient Dance
4 Cold Fusion (The 2nd Jam)
5 City Flight
6 Hyper Threading
7 Trance Etude 2


Please - Suture Remixes

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel
Released: 16.12.2008
Style: Pop, Electronic, Alternative

Please consists of Lena Kask and Andreas Sjöberg. Lena sings, Andreas tweaks sounds. Based in Malmö, Sweden they create delicate and stark electronic pop music. Their efforts this far have resulted in a string of infectious and powerful tracks, some of which can be downloaded here on the right.

1. Signal to Noise (Straka's Circuit Break Remix)
2. Reign of Dreams (Backe's Chimpagne Rework)
3. Reap the Whirlwinds (Please's Original Remix)
4. Fluid Embrace (plattform13's hamnslag, framtag, klack eller kryss remix)
5. Signal to Noise (Valutan's Re-mixremix)


středa 24. března 2010

False Awakening - So Far, So Close

Label: BFW recordings
Released: 22.03.2010
Style: Ambient, Acoustic, Shoegaze

Acoustic guitars and atmospherics create a deleicate and emotive sound.
Lovely stuff!

1. Through The Ice
2. We're Doing Fine
3. Empty White Streets
4. Winter Window
5. Happy Endings
6. Good Morning Canada


Eivissa Salinas - Sunlove In My Mind

Label: Not On Label
Released: 15.03.2010
Style: Ambient, Atmospheric, Chillout, Easy Listening, Experimental, Instrumental

Eivissa Salinas, that’s to say Ibiza’s salt flats. Liquid sounds that brings far atmospheres back to your mind, warm sensations on your skin and romantic sunsets on the horizon.

1. Just a moment
2. Sunlove in my mind (bonus)
3. Loin au dela'
4. Ciel Bleu [Aqua Mix] (promo)
5. Loin au dela' [Suite Mix]


Oniric - Dreams of Nowhere

Label: Not On Label
Released: 2010
Style: Ambient, Atmospheric, Chillout, Easy Listening, Experimental, Instrumental

A good flowing album,relaxing and soft… listen it and leave the world outside…

1 City Lights
2 Virtuality
3 Crépuscule
4 Deuterium
5 Bliss
6 Aeroglide
7 Going Home


Cyberdread - Mouse Music

Label: MostWired
Released: 27.02.2010
Style: Acid Jazz, Audio, Deep House, Funk, Trip Hop

Cyberdread: sampling, looping & programming
Diego Grassedonio A.K.A. D_ego: sax on tracks 2, 5, 9
Andrea Calvi A.K.A. Dj KND: scratch on tracks 2, 4, 8
Moussa ‘Ndyaie: djembe on tracks 5, 9

All tracks produced & mixed @ MostWired
(Torino -Italy) by Cyberdread
between november 2007 and february 2010

01 Sunrise (Perfect Day)
02 6.15 AM, downtown (feat. D_ego & KND)
03 Mescalito
04 Deep (feat. KND)
05 White House (feat. D_ego, Moussa 'Ndiaye)
06 Am I Wrong?
07 Nite Naam
08 Curiosity 'bout Sex Remixed (feat. KND)
09 White House - SaxTrip Version (feat. D_ego, Moussa 'Ndiaye)


Aux - Suavis

Label: Sunrise Coctail
Released: 2010
Style: Downtempo, Chillout


Aux - Track01
Aux - Track02
Aux - Track03


Nangdo - Chrome

Label: Planet Terror Records
Released: 2010
Style: Downtempo, Abstract Hip-Hop, Soul

Nangdo is a DJ/producer from the Netherlands. With these 16 instrumental tracks he takes it back to the raw essence, bringing you some well chopped sample-based beats, varying from some good old soul to bollywood.

1. Intro (1:56)
2. The Makings (2:58)
3. Minor Event (3:27)
4. Chromed Out (2:40)
5. Rattan Joint (2:06)
6. Explosion ( Soul ) (2:22)
7. Skaffa Flute (2:50)
8. Rotation (2:39)
9. Foolin' (2:22)
10. The Look (2:35)
11. Trying Hard (1:55)
12. Get Away (2:13)
13. Spinning (2:53)
14. Cry (2:21)
15. 1st 2 Know (2:18)
16. Just Began (2:21)


Pretty Lights - Passing By Behind Your Eyes

Label: Not On Label
Released: 2009
Style: Downtempo, Abstract Hip-Hop, Breaks

"Passing By Behind Your Eyes" is the 3rd full length Pretty Lights album released
on October 6th 2009.

"Filling Up The City Skies" is a collection of songs arranged in two sections, each about the maximum length of one blank cd(80 minutes).
The second disc contains 12 songs that are, stylistically, along the lines of what I have been playing at Pretty Lights shows for the last 10 months. They are for the most part more upbeat and high energy production, but still maintain a very organic element. They range from hip-hop to two-step to house and tend to get faster as the disc progresses..except for the last song which is a remix of "Finally Moving" from the first Pretty Lights album "Taking Up Your Precious Time".

1 World Of Illusion
2 Sunday School
3 Short Cut/Detour
4 If I Could Feel Again
5 Someday Is Everyday
6 Fly Away Another Day
7 Can't Stop Me Now
8 Let Em Know It's Time To Go
9 Lonesome Street
10 City Of One
11 Dark As The Sky
12 Keep Em Bouncin
13 Ask Your Friends


úterý 23. března 2010

Pixelord - Lucid Freaks The Remixes

Produced: Error Broadcast Collective
Released: 2010
Style: Instrumental Hip-Hop, Glich-Hop

Hot on the heels of Pixelord's "Lucid Freaks pt. 1" comes this eleven-track remix compilation. "Lucid Freaks pt. 2 - The Remixes" features a couple of Russia's hottest producers, including RBMA-participant DZA, Demokracy, OL and Miracle Libido (the latter two as known from their Monday Jazz tape). The Lord himself reworked a tune exclusively for this record. error-broadcast.com
Pixelord on GNs.

01 Quartz Boy (Coco Bryce Dirt Rider Remix)
02 Boss Worm (Calm as Worm DZA Rework)
03 Cybernator (Pixelord PXLRD Remix)
04 Cybernator (Abby Lee Tee Cyberwars Rebot)
05 Cartoon Friend (Demokracy Remix)
06 Boss Worm (Jameszoo Roparrot Recompose)
07 Quartz Boy (Coco Bryce Hangover Remix)
08 Cartoon Friend (AshTreJinkins Global Oreo Remix)
09 Boss Worm (OL Zima Remix)
10 Cartoon Friend (Miracle Libido Foggy Mix)
11 Cybernator (Chocolate Girl Cybergirl Remix)


Fienix - The Long Walk Home

Produced: fienix
Released: 27.03.2007
Style: Chillout, Trip Hop

1. Hirt
2. Me And You Against Ourselves
3. Here's To Mondays
4. Collage M6
5. It Takes A Greater One Than Me
6. The Richest Fool In The World
7. Bloody Chum For The Sharks
8. Love Is A Full Time Job
9. My Life As An Instrument Of Warfare
10. River Boat To The Old Country


<a href="http://fienix.bandcamp.com/album/the-long-walk-home">Hirt by fienix</a>

Sade - Keeps Us From Falling (Sweetest Gift Ill Poetic remix)

Produced: Ill Poetic
Released: 02.02.2010
Style: Downtempo, Dub

“Simply put, I’m a huge Sade fan. I started work on this remix over 7 years ago. Upon hearing about the release of “Soldier of Love”, I figured now would be the time to release this. A Part of me is doing this from a promotional standpoint. But, honestly, the bigger part of me (and anyone who knows me can attest) is doing this as a fan of Sade, the singer and the band. Sade, to me, represents one of the last artists I can be a strict fan of. A legend, a myth. The more we all exist in this music industry, it’s easy to get lost in the business of music. Sade is my reminder of what makes beautiful music so beautiful. She is the perfect reminder of why music is a soundtrack to an Experience. That’s why I made this remix. If you’re a fan of Sade, then this is one fan’s take on her music, given to the rest of her fans who’d like to listen."

01 Sade - "Keeps Us From Falling" ("Sweetest Gift" Ill Poetic remix)


<a href="http://illpoetic.bandcamp.com/track/sade-keeps-us-from-falling-ill-poetic-remix">Sade &quot;Keeps Us From Falling&quot; (Ill Poetic Remix) by Ill Poetic</a>

Pixelord - Lucid Freaks

Produced: Error Broadcast Collective
Released: 01.02.2010
Style: Instrumental Hip-Hop, 8bit, Digital Reggae

The Pixelord is Alexey Devyanin. He's a Moscow-based veteran of experimental music, best-known for his Gultskra Artikler moniker. When we got to know that his new project is about BEATS, it was instantly clear that is has to be groundbreaking great.

His debut four-track EP "Lucid Freaks" brings forth a mixture of spliffed-out 8bit riddims, stumbling Hip Hop beats and a pinch of Euro Dance glam. However unique, the weirdo plastic Pop of Glasgow's Hudson Mowake is echoed in his tunes as well as bass-driven digital Reggae, Jahtari-style. The artwork of L.A. painter Michael Dotson suits the Pixelord music perfectly.

1. Cartoon Friend
2. Quartz Boy
3. Cybernator
4. Boss Worm


<a href="http://errorbroadcast.bandcamp.com/album/pixelord-lucid-freaks-pt-1">Cartoon Friend by Error Broadcast</a>

Freddie Joachim - Dust

Produced: Freddie Joachim
Released: 25.02.2010
Style: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul

note: no permission will by given to any individual for personal or commercial use of any beat for any other album, other than mixtapes, and any re-recording or alteration of any track on Dust is prohibited without the written consent of Freddie Joachim. thank you

1. Out Of Season
2. From Yesterday
3. New Way
4. Controlled By Your Love
5. What A Woman Really Needs


<a href="http://freddiejoachim.bandcamp.com/album/dust">Out Of Season by Freddie Joachim</a>

pondělí 22. března 2010

Jazztronik - Samurai

Label: Pantone Music
Released: 04.04.2005
Style: House, Future Jazz, Jazzdance

One of the greatest groups from Japan in recent years! The package pulls together tunes from the expensive import Set Free, plus other singles and assorted bits -- into one tasty 12 track set that offers up the Japanese Jazztronik groove at a price that's a lot more affordable for those of us on the lower end of the economic spectrum! Keyboardist Ryo Nozaki is at the helm of all tracks -- working beautifully in both acoustic and electric shades of tone -- and some tracks feature full arrangements with lots of jazzy instrumentation, while others kick back into a more atmospheric groove.

01 into
02 muddy muddy
03 samurai
04 phoenix
05 things we like
06 nana
07 froro
08 livin high
09 colour of days
10 arabesque
11 dance with me (dub)


Nujabes - First Collection Hyde Out Productions

Label: Hyde Out Recordings
Released: 2003
Style: Instrumental, Abstract, Downtempo

01 Moon Strut (Intro)
02 Don't Even Try It / Funky DL
03 Strive / Apani B-Fly Emcee
04 Home Sweet Home / Substantial
05 Still Talking to You
06 Luv(sic) / Shing02
07 Steadfast
08 Lyrical Terriorists / Substantial & L-Universe
09 Lose My Religion (Remix) / L-Universe
10 It's About Time (Fat Jon Remix) / Pase Rock
11 Plaza Avenue (Remix) / Five Deez
12 D.T.F.N. / Cise Star
13 People's Don't Stray / Funky DL
14 Luv(sic pt2) / Shing02


Northbound - Nowhere Near

Label: Northbound
Released: 2009
Style: Downtempo, Trip Hop, Nu Jazz, Lounge, 320 kbps

Really great album by Northbound from Finland. High recomend!

01. Northbound - Woods Winds & Waters (3:20)
02. Northbound - Cats With Hats (4:56)
03. Northbound - Twice The Day (4:33)
04. Northbound - Foul Weather Friend (3:5
05. Northbound - The Trick (5:06)
06. Northbound - Round 3 (6:21)
07. Northbound - Dust Bowl Days (5:20)
08. Northbound - Fallbreak (feat. Rupert) (4:23)
09. Northbound - Penny Serenade (4:56)
10. Northbound - Hibernators (4:55)


Hecq – Mixtape One

Hecq! ...the explanation for the track list is actually quite easy… especially the air liquide tune and also scan x are both super old tracks that followed me around since i was a kid… they never lost their fascination and have the same effect after all the years that they had… and for the strangest reason i never had the possibility to integrate them in any mix… so this mix was just the perfect opportunity. i think its fun to combine that the soulless cold of something like annti rannisto or the eerie conet project coldwar recordings with something so touching and perfect like arvo pärt or stuart dempster… both styles are reduced to their very core and therefore only using whats needed to pinch the listeners sense… like this death blow from kill bill :D … just a couple of tiny yet effective attacks will make your heart stop… i personally bow down before these artists to give us the possibility to execute a mixtape like this….

01 Antti Rannisto – Numbers
02 Shinjuku Thief – Water Tinctured With Soot
03 BJ Nielsen & Chris Watson – No Mans Land (Excerpt)
04 James Blackshaw – Transient Life In Twilight
05 Kyle Bobby Dunn – Mobiles (Excerpt)
06 Blueneck – LE:465
07 Gultskra Artikler – Kasha Iz Topora (Excerpt)
08 Air Liquide – Negative Saucer (Live)
09 Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – Sighing, Seeing, Soothing (Excerpt)
10 Blueneck – Judas!Judas!
11 Scan X – Turmoil
12 Stuart Dempster & Pauline Olivieros – Nike (Excerpt)
13 Black Ox Orkestar – Violin Duet
14 Ben Frost – The Carpathians
15 Arvo Pärt – Für Lennart In Memoriam (Excerpt)
16 Thomas Köner – Teimo
17 Ulver – What Happened (Excerpt)
18 Mono – 16.12
19 Francesco Tristano – Jeita (Excerpt)
20 The Conet Project Recording – Pozor IRdial (Loop)


Nujabes - Modal Soul

Label: Hyde Out Recordings
Released: 2005
Style: Downtempo, Hip-Hop, Cool Jazz

01 feather (ft. cise starr & akin from cyne)
02 ordinary joe (ft. terry callier)
03 reflection eternal
04 luv(sic) pt.3 (ft. shing02)
05 music is mine
06 eclipse (ft. substantial)
07 the sign (ft. pase rock)
08 thank you (ft. apani b)
09 worlds end rhapsody
10 modal soul (ft. uyama hiroto)
11 flowers
12 sea of cloud
13 light on the land
14 horizon


Mach Five - Millennia

Producer: Dj Rasta Root & Greenmondpark.com
Released: 11.03.2010
Style: Electro Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap

World Premiere from Mach Five!!! "Millennia" a concept mixtape inspired by the popular 1980's anime, Akira. Hosted by the world famous DJ Rasta Root, even Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest steps in to give this dynamic duo a stamp of approval. Produced by Grammy nominated composer Tai "Upgrade" Rotan. Corey Davis of Mach Five states "The most amazing thing about this project is we recorded it within a 24-hour period. So it embodies a certain level of freedom, we got to experiment a little more than we usually do."

1. Intro from Phife Dawg
2. Walking Fish
3. Rasta Root Skit I
4. Nobody Can Stop Us
5. Just Go
6. Alternative Girls
7. Rasta Root Skit II
8. Total Recall
9. Where They Go
10. Rasta Root Skit III
11. Our Dreams
12. 2012 A.D.
13. Rasta Root Skit IV


<a href="http://machfive.bandcamp.com/album/millennia">Intro from Phife Dawg by Mach Five</a>

The Sunshine Factory - Vintage Revolution

Label: BFW Recordings
Released: 08.03.2010
Style: Noise-Pop, Shoegaze

1. Hey Spaceman
2. Blue Sky
3. Daisies
4. Stealing Kisses
5. Surrounded By The Sound
6. Roving Eye
7. Instrumental
8. My Love
9. Pheena And The Truth About Whales
10. Im Believing ( In Love Again)
11. Skin As Smooth As Porcelain


<a href="http://thesunshinefactory.bandcamp.com/album/vintage-revolution">Hey Spaceman by The Sunshine Factory</a>

Poodleplay Arkestra – Conversations With Ice Scream Men

Label: BFW Recordings
Released: 22.03.2010
Style: Ambient

The second release on BFW recordings by Manchester’s Poodleplay Arkestra is another fantastic EP. And again, hard to define. This is warm ambience – the Jon Hassell/ Brian Eno influence is there, but there is something else that gives this EP a unique character.

01 Get it downloaded!
02 A God Stepped Down From The Mountain
03 Conversations With Ice Cream Men
04 Red Birds In Yellow Flowers
05 Happy Dog Barking
06 Postcards From A Civilised World


ValkyR – Lips & Perfume

Label: Pavillon36 Recordings
Released: 22.03.2010
Style: Dubstep, Industrial

If you rely on the cover, you will certainly think that you have here something sweet or fluffy… think again! ValkyR is dark, heavy and powerful. Its industrial Dubstep will plunge you into the deepwater of a muddy lake, and you’ll need to fight against yourself to have a chance to get out of there. And then if you succeed, you will be close to paradise. So, thousand colors will be offered to you, and as blowed by wind, the confusion generated by this war will disappear… Good luck!

01 Fight In Heaven
02 Vents Et Couleurs
03 Confusion
04 Way Too Far


neděle 21. března 2010

Aphex Twin - Tokyo

Aphex Twin Live - Summer Sonic Festival - Tokyo - Japan (7.8.2009)

01 - 00:00 - Intro
02 - 00:30 - AFX - Phonatacid - Rephlex - 2005
03 - 11:20 - ID
04 - 12:30 - 808 State - State Ritual - Creed Records - 1989
05 - 14:36 - Leftfield - Not Forgotten (Fateh's On The Case Mix) - Outer Rhythm - 1992
06 - 15:54 - Lords Of Acid - I Sit On Acid - Kaos Dance Records - 1988
07 - 17:01 - 808 State - Flow Coma (AFX Remix) - Men Records - 1991
08 - 20:21 - Royal House - Party People - Idlers - 1987
09 - 21:56 - The Unknown - Put Your F... Hands In The Air!! - Hithouse Records - 1991
10 - 23:30 - Aphex Twin - Windowlicker - Warp Records - 1999
11 - 29:15 - The Ragga Twins - 18'' Speaker - Shut Up And Dance Records - 1991
12 - 31:26 - Aphex Twin - Hedphelym - Apollo - 1992
13 - 33:32 - EON - Spice (J. Saul Kane Version) - Vinyl Solution - 1990
14 - 35:27 - Caustic Window - Cordialatron - Rephlex - 1992 (mixed with acapella of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You")
15 - 37:12 - 808 State - E Talk - Creed Records - 1988
16 - 39:15 - ID
17 - 41:18 - ID
18 - 43:07 - ID
19 - 44:44 - The Tuss - Synthacon 9 - Rephlex - 2007
20 - 49:29 - ID
21 - 52:57 - Aphex Twin - Meltphace 6 - Warp Records - 2001
22 - 55:51 - Squarepusher - Beep Street - Warp Records - 1997


LCD Soundsystem – Disco Flashback

Label: Razor Records
Released: 2009
Style: Disco, Electro, House, 320 kbps

Disco Flashback is LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, a box of old 12″ vinyl, 2 Technics 1210s and a mixer, nothing more nothing less. 20 tracks adds up to a 60 minute sonic disco journey that builds and builds with some very rare disco joints and better known four to the floor dance classics….turn the music up and party down!

Though not mentioned on release itself, this mix was broadcast on Beats In Space on the 11h of April 2006 as part of BIS # 307.

1) GQ – Lies (Theo Parish Re-Edit)
2) Rare Essence – Disco Fever
3) Mothers Finest – Dis Go This Way
4) Inflagranti – Paroli
5) Stevie Wonder – Space Babbling
6) Dennis Parker – Like An Eagle
7) Skyy – First Time Around
8 ) The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulo Nimbus Mix)
9) Brennan Green – Little Ease
10) Crown Heights Affair – Say a Prayer or Two
11) Somethin Special – Come Make It Feel Good
12) Dirt – Lowdown
13) Sister Sledge – Lost In Music
14) Black Joy – Moustache
15) Mudd – Adventures In Bicket Wood
16) Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (Paradise Version)
17) Joe Bataan – El Rap Clapo
18) Green Velvet – LA LA Land (Francois K Dub)
19) Mr. V – Da Bump Dub
20) Eastbound Express – Never Let Go


Thallus - Between Head and Hand

Producer: Thallus
Released: 01.02.2010
Style: Beats, Experimental, Instrumental Hip-Hop

...jazzy instrumental Hip-Hop from Germany

1. b.h.a.h
2. here is the life
3. end of the sky
4. magic handclaps
5. bring the moon down
6. masut
7. lonely roads
8. through broken windows


<a href="http://thallus.bandcamp.com/album/between-head-and-hand">b.h.a.h by Thallus</a>