úterý 16. března 2010

Various Artists - Vétérante Habileté

Style: Techno, Experimental, Industrial, 320 kbps

Located in Liège/Belgium, ante-rasa is a free techno netlabel. Its objectives are broadcast and promote artists a few or not known, producing original and quality music. Something obscure, raw, dense, percussive & hypnotic. The result of this project is thus to bring freshness to a scene tending to standardization and to offer an independent space of expression for those who want it. Initially, tracks are distributed freely to mp3/320kbps format under Creative Commons rights. Later, vinyl releases are envisaged.

1 Dialect - Sick Of Her
2 CYP - Follow Me
3 Casual Violence - Dank
4 Dominik Müller - The Triangle


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