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Ben Frost - Unsound St Katherine’s Church Krakow

Ben Frost - Live at St Katherine’s (Unsound Festival 2008)

Ben Frost's stunning performance from Unsound Krakow 2008, in St Katherine's, a 16th century Gothic church. The recording was made from the audience seating area, rather than via the mixing desk, to capture a sense of the church's massive interior and acoustics. At Unsound 2009, Biosphere and Stars of the Lid will perform in the same space.


Solipsistic NATION No. 183: Ben Frost, Live, March 5, 2010

The first Friday of each month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live set from an artists and today’s show is a recording of Ben Frost’s performance at St Katherine’s, a 16th century Gothic church in Krakow for Unsound in 2008. Ben Frost is a musician, composer and producer who draws upon minimalism, post-punk, black metal and noise in his music. Ben’s album, Theory of Machines, gained him critical acclaim and his most recent album, By the Throat, cemented his place as an artist on the global stage. http://solipsisticnation.com/?p=424

01 Ben Frost - Live at St Katherine’s (Unsound Festival 2008)
02 Interview with Ben Frost
03 Ben Frost “Through The Mouth Of Your Eye”
04 Interview with Ben Frost
05 Ben Frost “Through The Roof Of Your Mouth”
06 Ben Frost “Through The Glass Of The Roof”
07 Ben Frost “The Carpathians”
08 Ben Frost “Through The Mouth Of Your Eye”
09 Ben Frost “Theory Of Machines”
10 Ben Frost “Stomp”
11 Ben Frost “We Love You Michael Gira”
12 Ben Frost “A Horizontal Fall (featuring Amiina)”


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